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Westview Girls Youth Development Program (YDP)

We are a parent-run organization formed to provide a more competitive option to recreational Basketball within the Westview High School boundries of Portland, Oregon. 

Our goal is to develop youth athletes in a safe and competitive environment.  We collaborate closely with Westview High School's girls coaches to help prepare girls grades 5th to 8th to play high school basketball.

Our organization consists of highly dedicated parent board members, volunteer coaches, High School coaches, and passionate community volunteers!


GO C.A.T.S.!

Confidence.  Ability.  Toughness.  Support.



Gear Store

The Gear Store is now open for a limited time! 

The store will close on November 23rd so we can get the items in by Dec 7th. 

Sorry about the tight timeline!  This is where you can order your Westview gear, such as the Shooter Shirt.  

Please note the Shooter Shirt is optional, but it's our most popular item - most girls who have played in previous seasons have one.  We highly recommend personalizing them with their last name (this especially helpful when girls forget them on the bench).  For those new to the shirt, the girls wear them during warm-ups before games.

Cost is $13.39 + $4.00 to personalize.  

You can access the Gear Store on the navigation bar above.

You can also access by clicking on this link:

This year, we limited the number of items available for sale.  We wanted to focus on our most popular items.  If there's an item that's missing that you are interested in, please let us know so we can consider it in the future. 

Update 11/12/18

Coaches will be reaching out to you this week with your practice schedule, if they haven't already.      


Updated Coaches Roster

5th - Ben Nelson, Kristi Taylor, Emily Krieg

6th - Ceferino (Rino) Nazal, Becky Mahlum, Cameron Nazal

7th - Bryan Morriss, Kristen Logan

8th - Spencer Adams, Sheri Kantor


First Practices Schedules

Tuesday, 11/13

5th Grade - 5:30 to 7:00PM at Springville

6th Grade - 8:00 to 9:30PM at Timberland A 

7th Grade - 6:30 to 8:00PM at Timberland A   


Thursday, 11/15

8th Grade - 8:00 to 9:30PM at Timberland B


Each team may be holding a Parent's Meeting.  Please refer to your coaches to determine when your team's will be taking place.


Sunset Scrimmage December 1st

Friendly scrimmages for grades 5th thru 7th (possibly 8th) vs Sunset.  Times are still TBD.  Your coaches will communicate the times it will be taking place.  More to come... 



You should be receiving a message from SportsEngine inviting your player to join a team.  Please accept this invitation to link to the Calendars and Team Pages under the SportsEngine Metro Youth Basketball site.  


Team Schedules (Metro Youth vs Westview Girls Basketball Sites)

Your Team's Schedules and Calendar will be found under:


To make it easier and hopefully less confusing, you can access your team's Schedule by going to our website.  Look for Team Pages 2018 at the top and find your team's page.


Team Jerseys

...and the winner is...  White/Navy!  What?  The website clearly shows more votes for Red/Navy!  The winner of the Jersey contest is White/Navy and was determined by the live poll performed at the jersey fitting.   Sorry about the confusion, we wanted to make sure the girls got their say on what they wanted to wear...


We have started the order process and we expect them in by early December due to the holiday rush.  We hope to get them out before our first tournament.


Team Socks

Really appreciate the interest level for the socks.  I'm waiting on the vendor to let us know if this is still happening.  When I get confirmation, I will be sending out an order form.  Please stay tuned!


Shooter Shirts and Team-branded Apparel

We are finalizing the MyTPrint site so we can order Shooter Shirts and other swag such as hoodies, shirts, etc.  The window to order will be very tight to get them delivered by first week of December.  We are targeting November 23rd as the deadline to get orders in.  More to come on this over the next few days including links/order forms, etc...


Tournament/League Schedules

We are in the process of submitting our tournament and league applications.  Once we get confirmation from the organizers, each coach will add the dates to the schedule.

Team Socks For winter 2018

These funky but stylish socks will only be available this winter season 2018.  Please fill out the Power Poll so we can figure out how many to order!  They'll be about $12 to $19.00 depending on how many we order.  If you like em we can order multiples!

Area Camps and Basketball Resources

Here you will find links from Basketball Camps and Leagues around the area.  Posting information here is to provide resources for players to improve their game!  You are not obligated to participate in any of the camps but we would encourage everyone to check these out to see if it's a good fit.  We do not receive any payments for advertising, but we will highlight programs that are willing to provide discounts or sponsor our program - we will let you know if that is the case.  Also, please share if there's a camp worth mentioning! 

Local PROGRAM Spotlight

Super Skills Program

Rose City Basketball

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Leagues

Westview HS Girls Youth Summer Camp 2018

Thanks for everyone who attended!  Hope you had fun and improved your skills!

ABC Basketball Camps

No Dates in August - completed in July

Breakthough Basketball

October 13-14 Portland, OR 5th - 12th Shooting Camp 50 Players

Damian Lillard Basketball Camp

Beaverton Hoops YMCA

Nike Girls Basketball Camp

Lewis and Clark College Complete Skills I: June 13-15 Offensive Skills: June 16-17 Advanced Skills: August 10-12 Complete Skills II: August 13-16

Oregon State Girls Camp

Ended in June

Portland Pilots Camp

Cheryl Sorenson camps at University of Portland Pilots


Not a camp but a link to THPRD Recreation - leagues for 5th to 8th grade girls.



4200 NW 185th Ave, Portland, OR 97229

Westview High School

4200 NW 185th Ave, Portland, OR 97229

Our Coaching Staff

Our coaches are hard-working and dedicated community volunteers!  We are under the direction of the Westview High School Girls Program and Head Coach Kevin McElroy.  We work together to help the student-athlete become more familiar with plays and drills when they reach high school. 


5th - Ben Nelson, Kristi Taylor, Emily Krieg

6th - Ceferino (Rino) Nazal, Becky Mahlum, Cameron Nazal

7th - Bryan Morriss, Kristen Logan

8th - Spencer Adams, Sheri Kantor




Introductory Drills and Skills

Learn fundamental movement skills and build overall motor skills

Foundational Skills and Drills

Learn all fundamental and basic basketball-specific skills, building blocks

Advanced Skills & Drills

Build the “engine” and consolidate basketball skills.


Login and go to the Online Payement System > Search for Elementary Girls Basketball Camp Westview Highschool. Pick Elementary or Middle School.